What Does ADD Have to Do With Web Design?!

So today I’m going to touch on a subject that may have never been covered…I am going where no man…uh um or in my case, woman, has gone before!


I am ADD. And I don’t mean it jokingly…seriously, I am! But as I have learned and taught my children, who are also very ADD, is that it is not a deficit, but a gift…if used properly. What does this have to do with web design? Well, it is in designing websites that found what ADD can really do. I am very passionate about design and that means I have the ADD laser focus! Here are some great reasons that web design is great for the ADDers such as myself and why you should hire me!


1. No boredom! I never know what the day will hold when I wake up…I can plan my day, but chances are something else will come up. I love the not knowing. I love that my day is usually filled with surprises. I leaves no room for boredom.


2. Fulfills our creative side. Notoriously, ADD people are extremely creative…seeing as how we are thinking 26 things all at once! We need that outlet to express ourselves. Designing websites takes not only skill, but also a lot of imagination and creativity.


3. What we know today designing, will change tomorrow. As we all know that technology is running faster than we can even keep up with. Good news for ADDers! We are way ahead in our thinking anyway, this fits us great! once we master one thing, another challenge will be soon be behind. But we are ready and willing to pick up the newest technology.


4. We are great multi-taskers! I can be emailing clients, writing my blog and customizing a WordPress theme, alternating smoothly and seamlessly. It takes some real training for the ADD mind to have this discipline, but once we do, look out, we are 10 steps a head of the pack!


5. As a life long ADD person, generally you can expect us to have a good sense of humor. I’ve learned that laughing about all the little snafus that I go through like realizing half-way through a movie that I have been in my own little world and don’t have clue what the movie is about, or when I drive right past my kids’ schools when I drop them off (they laugh at me!). It takes being able to see the humor to make us more human. What better person to build your website than a real human and not just “a business”?


Remember that laser focus? Web design more than holds my attention…it truly gives me a passion. So, I’m ready to build your website and please pass it on…M Web Designs is the go to for amazing websites!


❤ Mindy Adamson













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